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We will begin with an assessment of your existing skill set in a format you have never experienced

Personalised Learning

Based on the assessment, we will provide you with a personalized learning path for development of  the new world skills.

New World Skills

Training you in the new world skills like innovation, adaptability, problem-solving, analytical thinking & communication skills to excel in any career

If You are a Working Professional, Find Out Your Level and get A Perosnalized Growth Plan

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*After completion of assessment, we will reach out to you with the course platform.

For Digital Marketing Course Providers

Every student that enrolls with you has a different level of exposure & experience than the other. This makes it difficult for each student to understand the concepts taught by the trainer at the same level. This hinders their ability to become an industry-ready digital marketer.

Our assessment judges the current level of the student in the New World Skills. We map your digital marketing curriculum with our New World Skills and provide a learning plan accordingly to the student. Then we provide a platform for developing these skills while the students take and learn digital marketing's core concepts with you.
We can also integrate our platform with yours.

Digital Marketing-New World Skill Curriculum

For College Placement Cell

To survive and grow in this ever-changing world, it's important for students to adapt the New World Skills: Innovation, Adaptability, Problem Solving, Communication, Using Computer and Internet, Coding, Understanding Businesses, and Customer Trends and Behaviour. With such a skill set the student can excel in any career. Guaranteed.
And well you have to agree, this is what the recruiters are asking for today.
Our 12 weeks New World Skill Development Program for your students begins with an assessment of the student, providing him a personalized learning plan for the development of the New World Skills along with an online platform.
We also provide 2 three hours sessions every month by industry experts in our network to discuss jobs, skills,knowledge and the reality of the industry.
Our Promise? An increase in the number and quality of placements of the students by at least 20%
New World Skill Development Curriculum

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Client reviews

Vasvi Jain


I joined Growthspree with the expectation of honing my digital marketing skills, as its relevant to my field of study. Their course material and teaching pedagogy(practicals and case studies) are very relevant and easy to grasp onto. The learning environment is very interactive and energetic. Overall 10/10 recommend. Growthspree is really on a growth spree 🙂
Heer Dhakan

Working, Ahmedabad

Great way to explore yourself towards digital marketing, Learn from a person having hands-on matter expertise and better teaching skills to enhance your skills in digital marketing, they provide more practical knowledge then theory knowledge, Helped me a lot to set up my training presence on the field of digital marketing Thanks to Growthspree for providing the best guidance.

Ritika Bahl

Entrepreneur, Mumbai

Digital is the future and digital marketing has become not just a skill but a necessity. GrowthSpree has come up with a unique practical approach that not only helps working professionals but also budding entrepreneurs learn and apply the same in their respective fields. You can approach them at any time with any doubt and they will help you out with the same enthusiasm. Highly recommended.

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